One of the main limiting factors to the development of the village is the lack of medical care.

The closest health-centre is situated 10km from Issaogo; during the rain season, walking, or even cycling on the track is very difficult and covering the distance can take a long time. Moreover, this closest health-centre is not equipped to care for pregnant women.

The situation proves often fateful for the villagers: last year, several women died during childbirth because they could’nt reach the health-centre in time.

Faced to this dreadful situation, the villagers decided to build a “Health and Social Promotion Centre” (CSPS).


- Building a health centre
- Building a drug storage building
- Building a maternity hospital
- Equipments: sinking, motorised bicycle, medical equipment and a kitchen
- Developing sensitisation actions around the main issues in the village: epidemics, food and hygien.


The village of Issaogo as well as those of Tébéré to the east, Loundougo to the south-east, Yagbtenga, Lédré to the south, Magdogo to the south-west, Tibtenga to the west and Doungou Nabig-tenga to the north.

What has been done up till now?:

- The government of Burkina gave the required authorisation prior to the construction, which guaranties the installation of 2 medical-assistants once everything is built
- Estimate of the project
- Construction of the health-centre main building
- Construction of the drug storage building

Pose de la première pierre en Juin 2004 {JPEG}  Fondations Juillet 2004 {JPEG} Structure dispensaire Juillet 2005 {JPEG}
Achat de matériaux en Octobre 2005 {JPEG}  Dispensaire Février 2006 {JPEG}  Dispensaire Mars 2006 {JPEG}
 Dispensaire Mars 2006 {JPEG}
Dépôt pharmaceutique Juin 2006 {JPEG} Dépôt pharmaceutique Juin 2006 {JPEG} Dispensaire et dépôt pharmaceutique Juin 2006 {JPEG}
What remains to be done?:

- Rehabilitation of accommodation for the medical-assistants
- Purchase of medical equipment
- Building of a sinking for water supply
- Building of the maternity hospital
- Purchase and installation of a solar energy system

Every single undertakings are voluntarily realised by the villagers under the supervisions of a chief-jobber.

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