Saturday, February 4th, 2006

An evening of African tales
On saturday evening in Erbray (44), Lafilavie gave a short overview of the projects before letting people enjoy the spectacle.

Contes et musiques africaines à Erbray {JPEG}

October 2005

Lafilavie in Issaogo
An operational summary and assessment has been made in Issaogo with Lafilavie and Nongbzanga. Objectives to be reached in 2006 have been defined for both projects.

Gilbert Sawadogo, président de Nongbzanga avec Caroline Thibaut de Lafilavie {JPEG}

July 2005

A team of medicine students from the University Lariboisiere meets Issaogo
5 students went during 2 weeks in the village in order to know more about the project of a health center building. A rich enconter both for the students and the villagers! The teams becomes now partner of the project.

June 2005

Lafilavie is granted a label from the city of Lille (France, 59)
Some projects supported by associations from Lille were chosen, among which our project of a small dam construction in Issaogo, to be granted this label: "fooding, a right to quality for all to defend". You can have a look at our actions in the booklet of good practices for a sustainable development of Lille: "fooding: actions and practices to share".

April 2005:

Lafilavie is getting bigger…again!
A new team is created in Lille: after a call for volunteers published in Lille Magazine, we were pleased to receive many answers. Thank you to all our new !

March 2005:

First mission of Hydraulique Sans Frontières in Issaogo !
At the beginning of March, the villagers from Issaogo welcomed our partners from HSF, who came to realise the preliminary studies to the construction of the dam. They were supported on site by a burkinabé hydrologist, and by the warm welcoming of the villagers.

February 2005:

Lafilavie is getting bigger!!
We are pleased to welcome in our association medicine students from the Faculty of Lariboisière (Paris). They will initiate with us the project of a health center building in Issaogo. Their first trip is planned for this summer and will allow them to better define the needs and expectations of the villagers regarding health.

November 2004:

African party in Erbray (44)
About a hundred persons discovered Lafilavie and its projects, before enjoying a tales telling that pleased youngers and elders thanks to Christiane Vitard-Midawa. The evening went on with a percussion performance…

November 2004:

School sensitization action in Châteaubriant (44)
The 150 children from the primary school la Trinité in Châteaubriant discovered with us how is the life of a child from Issaogo: a travel in images and music, completed by some tales related by Mme Christiane Vitard-Midawa.

October 2004:

The T-shirts are now for sale!!!

June 2004:

School sensitization action in Erbray (44)

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